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Comprehensive Exams

We complete a thorough exam of your mouth, teeth, and gums, plus take digital x-rays to diagnose any dental issues. We also review your history and discuss your concerns for a complete understanding of your oral health.

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Periodontal Therapy

Using gentle periodontal therapy, we help prevent gum disease, treat existing issues, and help get your gum health back on track. Left untreated, gingivitis may lead to more serious health issues and tooth loss.

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Oral Cancer Screening

During your regular dental exam, we also perform an oral cancer screening. The cancer screening is painless, quick, and is a powerful tool for checking for signs of abnormalities in the mouth. Early detection is key to fighting cancer.

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Children and adults who have teeth prone to tooth decay may benefit from dental sealants. These safe and painless sealants are bonded to certain teeth, creating a barrier between the tooth and cavity-causing bacteria.

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Root Canals

A root canal helps treat a deep cavity or cracked tooth. Left untreated, the infection or crack may worsen, lead to serious infection, and cause unbearable pain. Root canals help prevent extraction plus restore function.

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Nightguards & Mouthguards

Kids and adults who play contact sports or grind their teeth at night may benefit from custom mouthguards or night guards. A custom-fit oral device provides the protection your mouth needs from tooth trauma.

‘‘Dr. Jill is excellent. Very caring and professional. I've been seeing her since she took over her father-in-law's practice.’’

Carl P.

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Hygiene & Health

Enjoy premium guidance from our hygiene experts.

Our dental hygienists in Edina, MN, gently clean your teeth while taking the time to listen to your needs. In addition to removing hard-to-reach plaque, we recommend ways to improve dental hygiene and answer your questions.

This strong hygiene program is especially helpful for young children who are just learning to brush. The sooner a child learns how to brush properly, the better! A beautiful, healthy smile is made of a lifetime of good habits, and we help make that happen.

Maintaining great hygiene at home plus coming in for professional cleanings prevents gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. Many costly dental issues can be easily prevented with regular cleanings, exams, and good lifestyle choices.

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